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AAC enjoys having volunteers out every week! We are an event driven company with a passion for contriving opportunities for learning and motivation for hard work. This passion gives us a need for the best volunteers. Every week we are adding fun activities, events, and awesome opportunities to volunteer. 

We have the room for bounce houses, water balloons, obstacle courses and more! We enjoy setting up these motivational activities to create opportunities to build skills, but sometimes we need help. We want you to use your passions and skills to have the best experience possible here at AAC. 

All volunteers are required to approve a criminal background check and sign our HIPAA confidentiality agreement. We expect all of our AAC Volunteers to share the AAC Core Values.

AAC Core Values:

  1. Passionate Commitment 
  2. Integrity 
  3. Grit
  4. Selfless Service

The link below will allow you to fill out the forms required to start the process. upon review of the forms and a criminal background check we will send you an email to schedule a tour. If you have any questions please email us at: info@aggielandautism.com

We will send you weekly emails, but DON'T worry, we wont send you junk mail. We want everyone to have the best experience possible. AAC is dedicated to sending quality information and content to its volunteers. 

We will schedule a tour soon after you have signed up. 

Email Updates

Criminal Background Check

Click the link below to submit a form for approval to run a criminal background check. When you submit this form you are agreeing to receive emails from AAC about events, activities and times to volunteer. We require every volunteer to have a tour with us before they can attend as a regular volunteer. This tour insures that the volunteer and AAC management have a working relationship and an assessment of the volunteers AAC Core Values. 

Background check approval



 Receive emails about the BEST times to volunteer with activities, parties and events.   



 Experience growth, development, excitement and fun to take with you great memories.  

Arts and Crafts


Everyone has fun at AAC!  

We have the BEST therapists that create daily crafts with the kids that volunteers find fun and exciting. 

 Sign up now to volunteer with AAC

AAC requires background checks for all volunteers and requires everyone to sign a confidentiality agreement. 

We are a closed campus and you must have an appointment to visit.